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Importance of Pictures

A picture says a thousand words. We’ve all heard this, well, probably a thousand times. That doesn’t make it any less true. Pictures communicate something that words never can. It lets the person viewing them see exactly what the person who took them saw. When it comes to including pictures with your vehicle inspections the value is clear.

Regardless or what type of vehicle inspections you’re doing pictures have value. If you are trying to show damage a picture with a quick description is so much clearer than a note by itself will ever be. Let’s look at an example:

‘There is a dent in the driver side door’.

OK? How big is the dent? Where is the dent? Let’s get more descriptive:

‘There is a large dent at the bottom of the drive side door’.

That’s certainly better, but when you read a statement like that, the first thing you want to be able to do is see the dent. You instantly try to figure out what ‘large’ means. It’s at the bottom of the driver side door, but where exactly at the bottom? How big of an issue is this?

Having a picture alongside a brief description gives the person reading the report the information they need to get an accurate ‘picture’ of what is going on with the vehicle.

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One of the big advantages software has over paper is the ability to select preset comments/notes from dropdowns. This can be a huge timesaver in that you can insert several words, sentences, or even paragraphs worth of information with a single tap which is much faster than having to handwrite it out.

Another advantage of dropdowns is consistency. Having standard comments in dropdowns allows you to use the same language every time you come across a particular problem or scenario. All you have to do is simply insert the comment you crafted to use when you see it and you can move on without having to spend time thinking about the best way to describe what you’re seeing.

InspectARide makes using dropdowns easy. You can include the language you want and work through your entire inspection with very little typing.

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Setup Your Own Checklists

Having the right checklist is important. Depending on the type of vehicle inspections you’re doing you may want a checklist designed for detail or a shorter one designed for speed. InspectARide comes with several checklists already setup that give you a great starting point. Some inspectors will use these exactly as they are without making any changes whereas others will want to start from scratch and build their own. InspectARide has you covered either way.

Setting up your own checklist is easy. You can modify an existing one or start a brand new one. You decide what Rating terms to use, how many sections you want in it, and how many inspection points you want. Once your checklist is created it can automatically be sent for use to your mobile device(s).

 Our checklist creator is easy to use, but we know there are things that we can do to make it even better. We’re very excited to see how it evolves over time!


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Coming Soon – Easier Way to Search Past Inspections

From day one we knew it was important to make it easy to sort through already completed inspections. While it wasn’t as easy as we liked when InspectARide was first released, it was on our radar to improve quickly. We’ve been working on quite a few updates to the portal and one that we’re close to releasing is the ability to easily and quickly search through your past inspections.

With this upcoming update you’ll be able to search by:

  • File Name
  • VIN
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Client
  • Inspector
  • Inspection Date

This will make it easy to get to the inspection(s) you want fast. Once you have the inspection pulled up you can view it, email it, download it or even delete it if it’s one you don’t want to store on the cloud anymore.

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Recent Updates to the Portal

We’ve been working hard on some updates to the InspectARide portal that we’ll be rolling out this week. Most of these are minor changes but they’re all about making things easier and faster. Here is a list of some of the updates we made:

  • Updated Account Management tabs to be easier to work through
  • Added ability to easily add new inspectors
  • Made it simpler to choose the Report Accent Color
  • Updating your logo and other report settings is now faster
  • Added more page alerts to provide more feedback to users when needed

The goal is to keep making InspectARide faster and easier to use, and small updates like this make that happen!

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Save Time with the VIN Decoder

InspectARide’s built-in VIN decoder will save you time and using it is easy. All you have to do is enter the VIN for the vehicle you’re inspecting, and with the tap of a button the app will automatically enter the basic info about the vehicle. The VIN decoder will populate the following fields:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Body Style
  • Transmission
  • Engine
  • Drive Type
  • Door Count

None of us have enough time in the day and if there is something that will save us time we want it. This will save you time.

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Advantages of Software over Paper

When is the last time you heard someone say ‘We need to switch to paper because this software stuff isn’t working out’? I haven’t heard that one either. Now, you may hear someone say that they need to switch to a different or a better software, but no one is looking to make a move back to paper. It makes sense why we don’t hear this. There are a lot of advantages of being electronic and not paper based some of which include:

  • Less stuff to carry around
  • No more messy handwriting
  • Easier to include pictures
  • Easier to store reports
  • Easier to get reports where they need to go
  • Faster to put together with VIN decoder, dropdowns, etc
  • Better presentation and easier to read

If you’re still using paper for your inspections you’ve no doubt given thought at some point to making the switch to software. Something holds you back and it may be cost, time to learn something new, fear of doing something different from what has always worked, or some other reason. These are understandable reasons, but let me ask you this: If you could go back in time and make the switch to an electronic process 1 year ago which would mean you would be paperless today, would you? Most people say yes because they understand the value of being paperless and that it’s a switch that they will make at some point.

What’s holding you back? One year from now will you look back wishing you had made the switch?

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InspectARide Officially Released

Today’s the day we’ve been working towards for a long time now. InspectARide is officially available for sale and we’re excited to get it in the hands of people and companies that conduct vehicle inspections!

We’ve worked with vehicle inspectors for many years with our PDspect product which is used by lots of inspectors in many different industries. We saw a lot of opportunity with vehicle inspectors who were looking for a better and faster way to put together reports and started having conversations internally about the best way to help them. From these conversations the decision was made to create a new program that was specific to vehicle inspections. This is how InspectARide was born.
Having years of experience working with vehicle inspectors made it easy for us to know the priorities. Speed was king. Every vehicle inspector we’ve ever talked to has stressed the importance of having something that made inspections fast. Eliminating paper, easy to use and the ability to incorporate pictures also were high priorities. With these in mind we created a product that would make creating electronic vehicle inspection reports faster than it’s ever been.

Want to take it for a test drive? Get started with a trial: