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InspectARide Officially Released

Today’s the day we’ve been working towards for a long time now. InspectARide is officially available for sale and we’re excited to get it in the hands of people and companies that conduct vehicle inspections!

We’ve worked with vehicle inspectors for many years with our PDspect product which is used by lots of inspectors in many different industries. We saw a lot of opportunity with vehicle inspectors who were looking for a better and faster way to put together reports and started having conversations internally about the best way to help them. From these conversations the decision was made to create a new program that was specific to vehicle inspections. This is how InspectARide was born.
Having years of experience working with vehicle inspectors made it easy for us to know the priorities. Speed was king. Every vehicle inspector we’ve ever talked to has stressed the importance of having something that made inspections fast. Eliminating paper, easy to use and the ability to incorporate pictures also were high priorities. With these in mind we created a product that would make creating electronic vehicle inspection reports faster than it’s ever been.

Want to take it for a test drive? Get started with a trial: