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Setup Your Own Checklists

Having the right checklist is important. Depending on the type of vehicle inspections you’re doing you may want a checklist designed for detail or a shorter one designed for speed. InspectARide comes with several checklists already setup that give you a great starting point. Some inspectors will use these exactly as they are without making any changes whereas others will want to start from scratch and build their own. InspectARide has you covered either way.

Setting up your own checklist is easy. You can modify an existing one or start a brand new one. You decide what Rating terms to use, how many sections you want in it, and how many inspection points you want. Once your checklist is created it can automatically be sent for use to your mobile device(s).

 Our checklist creator is easy to use, but we know there are things that we can do to make it even better. We’re very excited to see how it evolves over time!


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Coming Soon – Easier Way to Search Past Inspections

From day one we knew it was important to make it easy to sort through already completed inspections. While it wasn’t as easy as we liked when InspectARide was first released, it was on our radar to improve quickly. We’ve been working on quite a few updates to the portal and one that we’re close to releasing is the ability to easily and quickly search through your past inspections.

With this upcoming update you’ll be able to search by:

  • File Name
  • VIN
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Client
  • Inspector
  • Inspection Date

This will make it easy to get to the inspection(s) you want fast. Once you have the inspection pulled up you can view it, email it, download it or even delete it if it’s one you don’t want to store on the cloud anymore.