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New Daily Inspection Templates Available

We have added a few new templates designed specifically for doing ‘daily’ inspections. These templates are simplified versions of our more detailed templates and serve as a better option for people who are inspecting vehicles daily and need a simpler checklist. The new templates are:

  • Daily Vehicle
  • Daily Cargo Van
  • Daily Box Truck
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Manage System Templates

As more and more templates get added to our standard template list, it makes it easier for you to find a template that fits what you need, but it also means there will be many templates you don’t need. Because of this, we recently changed how default templates work.

Instead of starting with all of the available templates, you start with just a few. You can add other templates or remove templates you don’t need in the online portal by going to ‘Templates’. Once in the Template section tap on the button for ‘Manage System Templates’. Here you can check what templates you want to add, or deactivate a template you don’t want to use.

This new process makes it easier when setting up new devices since the device will only start out with the templates you’ve set to be active. It also gives you control in that you can be deliberate about what templates are available for use when doing inspections.