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Easier to Search Inspections in the App

It is now easier to search through your completed inspections in the app. We added a search bar that allows you to search based on the file name and added a quick date range selector that allows you to quickly choose a date range to display inspections from. There is also an option in ‘Settings’ that allows you to change how many days worth of inspections you want displayed by default when you go to ‘Open Previous Inspection’.

These changes were made based on feedback from users like you who were asking for an easier way to open previous inspections. Thanks for all the feedback and we hope these changes save you time!

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New Features

We recently released some new features that we’re very excited about! Below is a list of the new features. We’ll cover each of them in more detail in coming posts.

  • Made it easier to search previous inspections in the app
  • Added date filter to the inspections view in the portal
  • Added ability to setup ‘Fleet’ vehicles to make it easier to inspect the same vehicle multiple times
  • Added Issue Tracking for issues that are found on your fleet vehicles
  • Added ability to automate file naming in the app
  • Other improvements and bug fixes in both the app and portal