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Two New Templates

We’ve added two more templates to the prebuilt options! There is a new template called ‘Cosmetic Inspection’ which covers the cosmetic aspects of a vehicle without going into the mechanical and electrical details. The other template is ‘Pickup Truck’ which is specific to inspecting a Pickup Truck.

We love hearing what new templates you’d like to see so keep sending in suggestions. You can email us at

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Recent Update to the Portal

We recently released an update to the portal that made it easier to add devices to your account. This means you can add new devices to your subscription at any point in time!

There is also a new feature which gives you more control over the columns you see when in the ‘Inspections’ view in the portal. You can now hide columns you don’t need and choose to show additional columns that weren’t options before. The goal here was to give you more flexibility to see what you need and remove information that is not important to your company/organization.