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Adding Inspectors

You can easily add inspectors to your InspectARide account. This is done by logging in to the online portal and going to ‘Account Management’ and then ‘Inspectors’. On the ‘Inspectors’ tab you can setup the inspectors that you need. Once this is done you can switch between inspectors on your mobile device by going into ‘Settings’. If the people doing inspections each have their own device then you’ll select the inspector once on each device and be all set. However, if a device is shared between different inspectors you can simply change the inspector in ‘Settings’ as needed.

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Make Sure You Fill Everything Out

When putting together an inspection report it’s important that you don’t accidently miss filling something out. This can happen whether you’re using paper or software. If you forget to fill something out it doesn’t mean you didn’t inspect it, but that’s how it’s going to look to whoever is reading the report.  

Don’t worry, InspectARide has you covered. When you are ready to finish an inspection the app will let you know if you missed anything. The app has a list of everything that hasn’t been filled out which you can see at any point in time during the inspection. What this means is that even if you did accidently skip over something, you’ll know about it and be able to fill it out before finishing the report. While unintentionally leaving an item blank can happen with both paper and software, only software can automatically let you know when it happens!