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Vehicle Technology Articles

Technology in vehicles has changing rapidly the past few years and the rate of change doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. With improvements in safety, automation and connectivity, there is a lot to look forward to moving forward. We did a quick search online to find some articles that talk about what’s coming and below is a list of the some of the more interesting ones.

This article talks about the top 10 new car technologies:

This article has the specs for the best high tech cars of 2017:,2817,2477057,00.asp

This article talks about how legislation is advancing to pave the way for more self driving cars:

This article talks about how a VW new engine makes car more efficient:

This article talks about Tesla bringing superchargers to major cities which will make electric cars more feasible for more people:

This article was written at the end of 2016 and talked about the car technology trends to follow in 2017:

This article talks about the car tech features you should look to get with your next vehicle: 

This article talks about a ‘magic self’-healing’ film that protects cars from scratches:

This article has 10 breakthrough new-car features coming in 2018:

What new technology are you looking forward to the most?