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Advantages of Software over Paper

When is the last time you heard someone say ‘We need to switch to paper because this software stuff isn’t working out’? I haven’t heard that one either. Now, you may hear someone say that they need to switch to a different or a better software, but no one is looking to make a move back to paper. It makes sense why we don’t hear this. There are a lot of advantages of being electronic and not paper based some of which include:

  • Less stuff to carry around
  • No more messy handwriting
  • Easier to include pictures
  • Easier to store reports
  • Easier to get reports where they need to go
  • Faster to put together with VIN decoder, dropdowns, etc
  • Better presentation and easier to read

If you’re still using paper for your inspections you’ve no doubt given thought at some point to making the switch to software. Something holds you back and it may be cost, time to learn something new, fear of doing something different from what has always worked, or some other reason. These are understandable reasons, but let me ask you this: If you could go back in time and make the switch to an electronic process 1 year ago which would mean you would be paperless today, would you? Most people say yes because they understand the value of being paperless and that it’s a switch that they will make at some point.

What’s holding you back? One year from now will you look back wishing you had made the switch?

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