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Adding Your Logo

You can easily add your company/organization logo to your inspection reports. This is done by logging in to the portal and going to the ‘Settings’ tab. Here you’ll see the option for ‘Report Logo’ and all you have to do is tap the ‘Upload Logo’ button and navigate to where your logo is on your device. Once this is done your logo will show up on all of your reports.

 Here is a document that walks through how to do this step by step:

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Issue Tracking

If you set up a fleet of vehicles in InspectARide you can take advantage of our Issue Tracking feature. Anytime you do an inspection and mark an item with a rating that is set to go to a summary then it will get flagged as an issue.

You can log in to the portal and see all the issues found on your vehicles. You can then manage the issues by assigning the appropriate status, add notes and track the progress of them.

Here is a video that shows exactly how this works:

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Use Automatic File Naming

You must give each inspection you conduct in the app a ‘Name’. This is a requirement because the name is the unique identifier for that inspection record. We added in the option to have your inspections named automatically to save you time and also to add consistency to the naming process. This can be especially helpful when there are multiple people doing inspections.

You can set up automatic file naming by going to ‘Settings’ in the portal. Here you can decide how you want the files to be named (typically some combination of the date, inspector, VIN, etc), and you can also decide whether or not the person doing the inspection can change the name.

Here is a link to a document that shows in detail how to set this option up:

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You Can Now Set Up Your Fleet Vehicles

If you are using InspectARide to inspect a fleet of vehicles you can now set those vehicles up in the system to make it easier to inspect them. You can quickly add your vehicles, choose what template you want to use for each vehicle and then pre-fill the basic information (VIN, year, make, etc) so that you no longer have to fill it out each time. Once the vehicles are set up you can start a new inspection in the app, pick the vehicle you’re inspecting and you’re ready to go!

Here is a video that shows how to set up your vehicles:


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Give Us Feedback

We’re always looking for ways to improve InspectARide so if you have suggestions we want to hear them! Our goal is to continue making the program easier and faster to use and your thoughts/ideas/suggestions help make that happen.

 Send us an email at with your ideas!


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Added Date Filter to Inspections View

You now have a date filter on the Inspections view in the portal. This gives you the ability to customize the view to more easily see only the inspections that you want. You can pick a standard time period (today, yesterday, last week, etc) or set a custom period. When you combine this option with the ‘Search’ field you’ll find that it is easier than ever to get the information you want.

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Easier to Search Inspections in the App

It is now easier to search through your completed inspections in the app. We added a search bar that allows you to search based on the file name and added a quick date range selector that allows you to quickly choose a date range to display inspections from. There is also an option in ‘Settings’ that allows you to change how many days worth of inspections you want displayed by default when you go to ‘Open Previous Inspection’.

These changes were made based on feedback from users like you who were asking for an easier way to open previous inspections. Thanks for all the feedback and we hope these changes save you time!

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New Features

We recently released some new features that we’re very excited about! Below is a list of the new features. We’ll cover each of them in more detail in coming posts.

  • Made it easier to search previous inspections in the app
  • Added date filter to the inspections view in the portal
  • Added ability to setup ‘Fleet’ vehicles to make it easier to inspect the same vehicle multiple times
  • Added Issue Tracking for issues that are found on your fleet vehicles
  • Added ability to automate file naming in the app
  • Other improvements and bug fixes in both the app and portal
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New Daily Inspection Templates Available

We have added a few new templates designed specifically for doing ‘daily’ inspections. These templates are simplified versions of our more detailed templates and serve as a better option for people who are inspecting vehicles daily and need a simpler checklist. The new templates are:

  • Daily Vehicle
  • Daily Cargo Van
  • Daily Box Truck