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Manage System Templates

As more and more templates get added to our standard template list, it makes it easier for you to find a template that fits what you need, but it also means there will be many templates you don’t need. Because of this, we recently changed how default templates work.

Instead of starting with all of the available templates, you start with just a few. You can add other templates or remove templates you don’t need in the online portal by going to ‘Templates’. Once in the Template section tap on the button for ‘Manage System Templates’. Here you can check what templates you want to add, or deactivate a template you don’t want to use.

This new process makes it easier when setting up new devices since the device will only start out with the templates you’ve set to be active. It also gives you control in that you can be deliberate about what templates are available for use when doing inspections.


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New Template for Box Truck

We recently added a new template for Box Truck inspections and we have several other templates we’re working on and hope to roll out in the coming weeks!

If you have suggestions on templates you’d liked to see let us know. We’re always looking to make things easier and faster for you.

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New Feature – Ability to add CC Email Address

You now have the ability to add an email address that you want copied on all inspection reports emailed from the app. This makes it easy to get all PDFs from multiple inspectors to go to a single, central email account.

Along with this option, you can choose to ONLY have inspection reports that get emailed from the app to go to this email address instead of going to the email associated with the person doing the inspection. This gives you more control to decide where reports go.

Both of these options are in the ‘Settings’ section of the online portal.

We’re working hard to make InspectARide better everyday! Lots more to come!


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Cargo Van and Cosmetic Templates Added

We’ve added two new templates recently to InspectARide that you can use. They are:

  • Cosmetic Inspection – This covers an inspection of the exterior/interior of a vehicle, but not mechanical or electrical items.
  • Cargo Van Basic Inspection – This covers a basic inspection of a Cargo Van. This includes exterior, interior, mechanical and electrical items.

As with all of our templates you can use these as they are out of the box or you can tweak them as needed to get them exactly how you want.

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New Features – Assign Rating Colors

Yesterday we rolled out an update that includes a handful of new features to the portal that we’re very excited about! Below is a list of the key new features:

  • You now have the ability to select a ‘rating color’. This will change the color of the rating box for the rating that is selected on the line. This is something that many users have asked for as it will allow you to make changes like have a green, yellow, and red color system to match your ratings.
  • There is a new ‘Summary Items’ column in the Inspections view. This will show you how many items were marked with a rating that is set to go to the summary. With many of our standard templates this is the ‘Poor’ rating. This is a great feature as it allows you to see which inspections have issues without  having to open them first.
  • You can now manage what templates appear on your mobile device from the portal. This is very helpful when you have multiple users and you don’t want them to see our standard templates that you don’t use.
  • There were a handful of other small tweaks and changes!


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Two New Templates

We’ve added two more templates to the prebuilt options! There is a new template called ‘Cosmetic Inspection’ which covers the cosmetic aspects of a vehicle without going into the mechanical and electrical details. The other template is ‘Pickup Truck’ which is specific to inspecting a Pickup Truck.

We love hearing what new templates you’d like to see so keep sending in suggestions. You can email us at

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Recent Update to the Portal

We recently released an update to the portal that made it easier to add devices to your account. This means you can add new devices to your subscription at any point in time!

There is also a new feature which gives you more control over the columns you see when in the ‘Inspections’ view in the portal. You can now hide columns you don’t need and choose to show additional columns that weren’t options before. The goal here was to give you more flexibility to see what you need and remove information that is not important to your company/organization.

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V2X Technology Hits the Road

As mentioned in a previous post, advances in data processing technology and communications infrastructure will soon allow real time interactive communications between vehicles and the world around them. This communication could include vehicle to vehicle (V2V), between vehicles and transportation infrastructure (V2I), between vehicles and the network (V2N) and even between vehicles and people (V2P).

This real time interactive communication is anticipated to increase safety, reduce fuel consumption and improve traffic flow. Safety is increased by allowing cars to in effect “see” around obstacles (buildings, other cars, etc.) to avoid collisions and anticipate the need to merge, etc.; by allowing vehicles to tell other vehicles of their intent (lane changes for example); even to “see” pedestrians if they are properly equipped with the right tech. Fuel consumption and congestion can be improved by using these same abilities between cars and by communicating with traffic signals and other roadside sensors. A demonstration that occurred in Europe on July 13, 2018 included the use of something called SPaT (Signal phase and timing) to communicate the timing of traffic lights to vehicles.

There are at least two competing sets of technology currently in play. C-V2X is a technology based on the same technology used by your cell phone. The competing tech, known as IEEE 802.11p/DSRC is Wifi based. There are some differing characteristics to the systems, but both rely on nearly instantaneous communications between cars and infrastructure to achieve their results.

Panasonic, Ford and Qualcomm recently announced the first real-world test of a C-V2X system in Denver Colorado. The system will collect data from vehicles and communicate that information to other cars and “external” systems. The stated goals of the system include “to reduce travel times by almost half, and potentially eliminate up to 80% of crashes”.

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New Templates

We’ve been hard at work and have recently released a handful of new templates. These include templates specifically for:

  • Hybrid vehicles
  • Electric vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Repossession inspections
  • Exterior only inspections

Take advantage of using these new templates and let us know if there is a specific template that would be helpful to you! You also always have the ability to quickly create your own or modify one of the standard ones to set it up exactly how you want.