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You Can Now Add Photo Markups!

From the beginning we knew that being able to add markups to pictures you add to your reports was important. We debated whether to release InspectARide without it, and we were so excited to get the program in the hands of inspectors that decided not to have it in initial release with the understanding that it would be added in shortly after.

The most recent update of the app now includes this option and it works great! You can add arrows, circles, boxes and text directly to your pictures and it couldn’t be easier to do. You have 16 colors to choose from so you’ll be able to pick the perfect color for each markup on each picture. You can add an unlimited number of markups to each picture.  Now when you include pictures in your reports you’ll be able to point out exactly what you want to show in each picture.

We’re just getting started with this app and there is so much more to come – Stay tuned!


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