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Mobility Revolution

The mobility revolution is coming! A complex mix of technological and cultural forces are about to radically reshape personal transportation as we know it.

Technological advances affecting this area include:

  • Advances in autonomous, or self-driving, cars and trucks
  • Electric vehicles that now compete with gasoline powered vehicles in terms of range and performance
  • Communications and data processing infrastructure that now allow for V2G (Vehicle to Grid) and V2X (vehicle to everything) interactions
  • The integration of the internet and “data” into every aspect of our life (including in the car)

Cultural changes include:

  • The rise of car sharing, ride sharing and other new forms of “ownership”
  • The attitude of Millennials towards driving and car ownership
  • Rising concern for climate change caused by burning fossil fuels and for the amount of natural resources consumed in the creation and operation of personal vehicles
  • All of these forces and more are pushing auto makers, planners and public officials to rethink personal transportation. While this transformation has been predicted for some time (think back to the 1950’s vision of transportation in “the future”); the forces now seem aligned to finally bring about truly revolutionary changes.

We will explore some of the above forces in future blog posts. So stay tuned for more.

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